Week 3 Lesson 5 / by Rebecca Hutchinson

Welcome to Week 3, Lesson 5.

Communicating in words what our work is, and what it looks like is a vital aspect to any artist’s practice. You’ve analyzed how other artists that you admire have done it, and now it’s time for you to do so as well.

For this lesson, write one sentence grounding each essence word and put them into paragraph form. In addition, create 2-3 sentences that relate to the content, formal structure, and materiality of the work. Post this short paragraph to comment section below.


For the final studio weeks we will be making 3 full scale pieces. We will again start by creating maquettes as rough drafts of our ideas.   Remember to focus on capturing the basic forms and visualize how they relate to your essence words. Analyze each of these maquettes and choose the best 3. During the next and final studio session you will create a full scale versions of them Send images of your top 3 to rebeccahutchinsonstudio@gmail.com. I will post them to this page and we will discuss them briefly in comments. 

The goal of the final weeks of studio sessions will be to create 3 full scale pieces based on these maquettes.