Week 2 Lesson 4: Generate and Curate Ideas / by Rebecca Hutchinson

Welcome to lesson 4 and 5 of this boot camp.

Now that we have generated and reviewed our list of essence words and discussed how we can physicalize them, it's time to use that information.

For this lesson I want you to create 5 maquettes no larger than 2 inches each. (or equivalent small scale) Really focus on getting the basic forms of the maquettes to describe your essence words. Each of them should only take 5 - 10 minutes, at most.

For your last lesson Analyze each of the maquettes and choose the best. Why is it the best? During the next studio session, you will create a full-scale version of this maquette.  Send images of all 5 of them to rebeccahutchinsonstudio@gmail.com, labeling or marking your favorite one. I will post them to this page and we will discuss briefly in comments.

I will see both of you this Sunday for our semi-weekly Skype session. We'll discuss more fully what we learned this week and then get ready to dive back into the studio to create Piece #2.