Week 1 Lesson 5: Generate 5 Drawings / by Rebecca Hutchinson

Welcome to Lesson 5 and the final assignment for Week 1.

Now that you have analyzed What you have made, What you want to make, What other artists you admire have made, What elements resonate with your work, it is time to gather up and combine this information and begin to generate new, focused, work.

List three repeating qualities found in your research and incorporate in your drawings. Write them down in the comment section as well as on a piece of paper you can refer to as you draw. These are 3 of your essence words.

Based on the analysis of lessons 1-4 create 5 drawings that capture the qualities and values of your research. Each drawing should be made on unlined blank paper and be at least standard printer paper sized. Upload the images onto your computer and send the completed drawings rebeccahutchinsonstudio@gmail.com. We will manually upload the images to the website. 

Sylvia's Drawings

Elaine's Drawings